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Wall Workout



Standing no more than 10 yards from a brick wall, preferably without windows!


Do this workout for 10-15 minutes, 3 times a week.  Make sure you get as much of this workout in as possible!  Don’t just go to the wall and hit it with your strong hand, instead focus on your weaknesses.


50 reps - right overhand

50 reps - left overhand

50 reps - right sidearm

50 reps – left sidearm

50 reps – right quick stick (get close to the wall for this one)

50 reps – left quick stick (ditto)

50 reps – catch left throw right

50 reps – catch right throw left

50 reps – quick stick switching hands (so back and forth b/t your right and left hand)

50 reps – right underhand (should feel like shooting low to high)

50 reps – left underhand

* If you think you’re really good!*

50 reps – btb (behind the back), around the world, whatever get creative if you have time.  These “trick throws” prove you are comfortable with your stick.  Not to be used in big games!